House Rules


  • Additional languages can be purchased for the cost of a specialty.
  • Applicable Dodge specialties count as a full DV point per dot instead of just a die in the Dodge pool. This gives a bit more value to Dodge specialties for defense than they do for Melee.

Training & Spending XP

  • Favored Ability dots and Charms from a character’s patron or favored Yozi can be purchased with XP without training for the required time for the purchase. However, XP can’t be spent again until the training period for that purchased dot or Charm has passed.


  • Charms can be added to Combos after creation. Pay the XP cost of adding the Charm to a new Combo and it is now considered part of an existing Combo.


  • A character can increase the number of Charms that can be used in a single turn by spending one temporary Willpower. The character’s limit on number of Charms increases from one to the character’s permanent Essence. The Charms used must follow the standard Combo rules.
  • Demonic Primacy of Essence — Any demon with permanent Essence less than the Infernal is subject to this Charm’s effects instead of just demons with permanent Essence at least 4 dots lower than the Infernal.


Aaron – Isn’t the ability to add Charms to an existing Combo redundant with the extra Charm rule?
Brian – The extra charm rule is limited by Essence charms in one action. Combos can have more charms in them, so in order to do many charms in an action, you still need a combo.

House Rules

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