Dice Pool Rules

From the core book:

Charms can increase a Lawgiver’s dice pools by only an amount equal to (the relevant Attribute + Ability). No combination of Charms can increase a Solar Exalt’s dice pools by more than this amount. Charms that add automatic successes or remove penalties do not count as increases to a dice pool unless otherwise stated.
For unrolled activities such as DV (see p. 146), Mental DV (see p. 172) or feats of strength (see p. 127), Charms increase a character’s static rating by adding to (the relevant Attribute + Ability). This bonus increases the (Attribute + Ability) pool, not the final result of any calculations, so if the (Attribute + Ability) is divided in half, the bonus rat- ing will be applied before the division, not afterward. The result is that player will normally have to add two “dice” to increase a static value by one—although the First Excellency (see p. 183) provides a discount of sorts for this, increasing static values by one per success rolled.
Regardless, no combination of Charms, including the First Excellency, can increase a static rating by more than half the (Attribute + Ability), and Charms that remove penalties do not count as increasing the character’s static rating. Treat Willpower as an Attribute for this purpose. If there is no applicable Attribute, Charms can add only a number of dice equal to the character’s Ability.

Pool or Rating Maximum Increase
Perception + Awareness Perception + Awareness
Dexterity + Melee + Specialties + Weapon AccuracyDexterity + Melee
Charisma + Presence – PenaltiesCharisma + Presence
Dexterity + Stealth + Bonus Essence + Presence + 10Dexterity + Stealth
Dodge DV(Dexterity + Dodge) ÷ 2
Parry DV with Sword(Dexterity + Melee) ÷ 2
Parry DV with Fists(Dexterity + Martial Arts) ÷ 2
Mental Dodge DV(Willpower + Integrity) ÷ 2

Example: Thorn has Dexterity 5 and Melee 3 and two specialties in Sword. Melee Excellency adds at most eight dice to her attack pool or +4 to her parry DV, even if she is using a sword and therefore has a 10-die attack.
Charms that increase others’ dice pools or static ratings count as a dice bonus from Charms. A Solar cannot add more dice to his pool by combining his Charms with assistance from another Exalt than he could alone. Charms that increase the dice pools or static ratings of creatures that do not wield Essence can increase those pools by a maximum of the creature’s Ability, without benefit from Ability specialties.

Dice Pool Rules

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