Querros, The Burning Orrery

Second Circle Demon, Reflective Soul of The Virulent Stand


Brief glimpses of gleaming quicksilver bubble to the surface of his wrought-iron body. Querros’ joints glow red-hot, and his eyes smoke from the fire within him. He has the shape of an athletic man, and he wears no clothing. He leaves blackened prints where he walks.

Querros detests the interactions between the Loom of Fate and Creation, and desires to diminish it’s influence over the lives of Creation’s denizens. When he is summoned to Creation, his very presence weakens the Loom’s hold over the places he visits and the people he meets. Strange events dog any mortal he takes an interest in.


The Daughter of the Unread Pages was summoned by Querros to negotiate a trade. He offered her lost lore that would aid her with her mission on Mt. Metagalapa. In exchange, he wanted a cult established in his name on the conquered mountain. After reviewing Querros’ terms in writing, the Daughter found his terms fair and agreed. The Burning Orrery told her of a living manse with a hearthstone that could grow another manse. Usually, the manse swims beneath the waves of Kimbery, rarely surfacing. As luck would have it though, it had recently beached and should be reachable before it recedes beneath the acid sea again. The Daughter quickly planned an expedition with the rest of the Circle to investigate.

Querros, The Burning Orrery

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