Amalion, The Manse of Echoes Ascending

Demon of the Third Circle, Fifth Soul of Malfeas


Third Circle demons are inherently powerful, although Amalion is not a martially focused being.

Amalion stands taller than an average human. She carries herself with a regal grace, and she speaks politely to those that address her, although most do not have that privilege. Amalion is beautiful beyond words, and anyone that bears witness to her legendary smile is doomed to love her for eternity. She hides her face behind a veil, only revealing her appearance when it suits her.


Amalion is one of the facets of Malfeas that reflects his desire to create awe-inspiring works. She designs manses of unnerving beauty and insight. The Circle approached her after hatching their plan to conquer Mt. Metagalapa and turn it into a flying fortress. When asked if she would design a manse capable of drawing geomantic power from the hovering mountain, Amalion told the Daughter that Metagalapa had no such power to draw upon, thus her services were unneeded. However, should the Circle discover previously unknown Essence flows upon the mountain, she will reconsider their petition for a design.

Amalion, The Manse of Echoes Ascending

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