Sundering the Brass Prison

Splitting Up So We Leave Later

After extracting themselves from the beast that Querros had sent the group to kill they gathered together and formulated a plan. Revenge must be had against the traitorous Querros who lied about the Manse. To achieve this the various Infernals did what Infernals do best: whatever the hell they felt like without much coordination.

Job headed off to the outskirts of the Chateau housing Querros and his minions. In observing the building from afar and talking to stranger walking by from time to time it became obvious that the most important thing for him to do was not to observe the Chateau but instead avoid the oncoming acid storm that everyone in the region is escaping. After making his way to a fallout shelter he wound up spending his time inside converting those fleeing the acid rain including a blood ape and an neomah.

Meanwhile Henley went off to procure the ingredients for a concoction that would make Querros betray himself somehow (I don’t remember Querros’ motivation and how Henley planned on turning them against himself).

The Daughter was busy researching Querros and crafting things with objects flying around and swirling without being touched. Dealing with Gryfalcon was not her main concern and was instead left to the least able to deal with social situations: Hammer Against Creation and Encore of the Final Silence. Gyrfalcon was ready to head to Creation and start the journey. Hammer and Encore tried to negotiate for more time. Gyrfalcon was impatient. The disagreement almost ended in a very Malfean way (physical confrontation). It instead ended with Encore changing the subject in random ways while still making sure everyone continued to drink. By the end it was agreed that they were all owed a chest of treasure for having to wait and intimacies were instead developed.

Once it was determined that Querros was paid to distract the adventurers, something he very much succeeded in doing, the plot of another set of Infernals was uncovered. The Defiler called Draegul left a taunting letter for the Daughter to find, describing how he made a deal with Querros to mislead her coven, so he and his allies could take Mt. Metagalapa for themselves. The multiple day advantage of another set of Infernals with the exact same plan infuriated some and concerned others. Finding and collecting the group ended with Job riding on Encore’s back while naked, except for his artifact breastplate, due to everything else being dissolved in acid from the storm. After collecting some clothes, the trek into Creation began.


I changed the post date to be after the previous one. We actually played earlier than this date.

Splitting Up So We Leave Later
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