Sundering the Brass Prison

Journey to the Mountain

Battles in the Sky

With the company of Gyrfalcon, the cover trekked across the Endless Desert for five days. Gyrfalcon followed the arrow on his enchanted compass, which unerringly leads him to his ship, where ever it might be. They board the ship and make way for Mount Metagalapa, as they had negotiated with the Infernal airship captain. His crew deftly operated the Silent Blade, and many miles were covered quickly.

Early one morning in the voyage, Gyrfalcon wakes all on board with an announcement. A Haslanti airship base is just ahead, and he plans to raid it, destroying as many of their moored ships as he can. He demands that the rest of the Green Sun Princes on board join in the fray as payment for their passage. Hammer and Encore are eager to engage in battle, while Job and Henley were less inclined to fight. Henley in particular was upset at Gyrfalcon’s demands. The Lord of Flatford surveyed the stars of the night sky and believed that Gyrfalcon taken them over a thousand miles off course. He was wrong, of course, but that did not stop the Fiend from immediately plotting retribution against Capt. Gyrfalcon.

Gyrfalcon began the assault by firing the Silent Blade’s marmoreal cannon on the first airship in range. Encore had also made a flying leap at the very same ship, and narrowly avoided being collateral damage in the blast. He recovered and sprinted along the fortress walls, prowling for unfortunates. Job stayed aboard the Silent Blade, slinging Sand-Strike Blasts at other moored airships.


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