Sundering the Brass Prison

Birth of Monsters

In this session, we played through the history of Hammer Against Creation, The Daughter of the Unread Pages, Encore of the Final Silence, and Job. Things that were learned:

  • Hammer’s name before his Infernal Exaltation was Veiled Crow.
  • Hammer’s brother (as played by Michael) and father (as played by Mark) were jerks, and obviously deserved the horrible ends that Hammer dealt them.
  • Despite being a Slayer, Hammer has a knack for base treachery.
  • The Daughter has always tended toward obsession. This attribute made her attractive to the gallmau that found her hiding in the deep caverns beneath the Shining Monolith of the North.
  • Being surprised by a gallmau in pitch-black caverns has made the Daughter wary of dark places.
  • Encore was known as Peleps Han before his Infernal Exaltation.
  • Betrayal, mockery, and solitude form the majority of Encore’s experiences with the world. Thus stems his murderous madness.
  • Job was nearly the Pope of the Beatific Order of the Golden Lord. He’d reached that position through bribery and threat of violence however, which drew the ire of the Golden Lord and ultimately Job was cast out of the Order and imprisoned.
  • Job spent decades in prison, and carved out power for himself there. His lifelong efforts to establish hierarchy and place himself atop it drew the attention of an agata carrying an Exaltation of the Malefactor caste. Job’s subsequent prison-break via demon wasp was largely unintentional.


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