Sundering the Brass Prison

Assembly of the Thing Infernal

The Green Sun Princes, the jouten of the Yozi, and select Unquestionable assemble at the Conventicle Malfeasant for the yearly Infernal Thing. Each Prince rises before his peers and boasts of what he has achieved in Creation, and how his plans bring the Reclamation closer. Hammer Against Creation seizes the attention of the congregation and proclaims what he intends to achieve.

“I will conquer Mount Metagalapa, break its people, and bring the flying rock down on the heads of the weak fools below!”

When the detail-oriented Defilers of the gathering inquire as to exactly how he will accomplish this, Hammer admits to having not dealt with the intricacies of the endeavor. Laughter ripples through the crowd, and the jouten gaze down from their balconies, giving no indication of their opinions. The Daughter of the Unread Pages rises and defends Hammer’s position, as she sees a spark of inspiration in the idea, though she proposes to convert the mountain into a flying fortress. Finally, Malfeas himself declares the fiery destruction that this scheme would yield pleases him greatly, and it should proceed. The Demon City had spoken, and Mount Metagalapa would suffer his rage.

Lord Ravenhurst watches this unfold, considering what value he can extract from such an operation. If Hammer and the Daughter can actually make the mountain mobile and control where it can go, it would be in a prime position to threaten the heart of the great Guild’s mercantile operations. At this realization, Henley speaks to the Daughter and pledges his aid. Similarly, the Malefactor called Job listens to the growing coven discuss what to do with the inhabitants of the mountain, and he volunteers his unique skills in managing populations. Encore is simply offended that Metagalapa is the home of great hawks and hawkmen when the sky should be the domain of the cruel Silent Wind. He attaches himself to the coven hoping to punish the blaspheming flyers.

The coven assembled, they begin to formulate their plans and assess their strength. Job leads a sacrifice to Amalion to humbly ask an audience with her. The request is granted, and the Daughter requests a design for a manse from Amalion; one that can focus the geomantic power of the flying mountain and perhaps redirect that power to propulsion. Amalion gives a disappointing answer, though. One of the riddles of Mt. Metagalapa is the absence of Essence flows. Unless the coven finds geomantic power for a manse to harness, their petition has no meaning.


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